I specialize in child centered play therapy, an excellent therapy tool for young children, and use directive play therapy for older children and young teens. Play is a child's natural form of expression. Play therapy allows for your child to process emotions and develop coping skills using language they are already fluent in, the language of play. 

I use play therapy with my clients who are generally between ages 3 and 13. Play allows children to freely express their emotions and thoughts in a safe, controlled environment. I encourage free expression during therapeutic play with the goal to allow children to learn to understand and express their emotions more appropriately, process any traumatic stress, and develop empathy, problem solving and coping skills. 

I have found that play therapy is helpful to address all challenges of children including anxiety, depression, impulse control, attention difficulties, traumatic stress, coping with life changes including divorce or blending of families, coping with educational or social challenges, autism and more. I use both directive and non-directive play therapy depending on the need of the client. 

As a parent, you can expect that I will conduct a thorough assessment interview with you present where we will create goals for your child. After, most sessions will be conducted mainly with your child where we will use imaginative play, arts, crafts, music, dance, yoga, sand play, stories and other tools to help them achieve their goals. With your input on progress, we will determine how to help your child in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

Have more questions about play therapy or how it could benefit your child? Please reach out to me via e-mail to request an intake appointment with me now.