5 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, we are often inundated with messaging about showing love to others. While showing love to the special people in your life (family, friend or significant other) is important, what about showing love to yourself? Sometimes, we may think that showing yourself love or putting yourself number one is selfish, but if you don’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of others? If you don’t love yourself first, who will? 

Try one of these five ways to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day (or any day, really): 

  1. Treat Yourself: There are so many ways to treat yourself, so we suggest that you pick one and go for it. No time on actual Valentine’s Day? Commit to treating yourself this weekend. Some ideas: a long bath (with a bath bomb or some essential oils); a massage; a face mask; read a book; indulge in a chocolate or coffee you don’t usually allow yourself to get; spend time with an old friend; spend time with no one; go to bed early; stay up late; your choice!

  2. Write a Love Letter to Yourself: Take some time to write a love letter to yourself. Don’t be shy! Write in the letter all the things you love about yourself, your character strengths, your wisdoms, even your weaknesses. Remind yourself why you are lucky to wake up with yourself every single day. Remind yourself why you are amazing, just the way you are. Include some encouragement inside, and then once you reread it, store it away for a time when you need a reminder of your self-love. 

  3. Take Yourself Out on a Date: When is the last time you took yourself out? Get yourself ready and take yourself out. Enjoy the time with just you! Explore somewhere you haven’t been, maybe try that new restaurant down the street or in the next town over. When you’re there, for lunch or for dinner, stay out of your phone and enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere. Take it all in, and maybe you’ll make a new memory or a new friend. 

  4. Say “Yes” To Something You’ve Wanted To Do: How many things do you tell yourself you ‘can’t’ do because you have to do something else? Or you can’t try because it would be too time consuming or too costly? Try the new hobby you’ve been wanting to do. Go visit the friend you’ve been meaning to visit. Try that new yoga class you’ve been eyeing but feel worried you won’t know what to do. Say yes to something you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off. Do it for you.

  5. Say “No” To Something You’ve Been Putting Off: How many things do you say ‘yes’ to when you really want to say no? Give yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day and practice saying ‘no.’ That favor you took on that you really don’t have time to do? Commit to telling the truth that you need help or you can’t follow through. That party that you agreed to attend with the person that you don’t really care for, but you don’t know how to get out of it. Give yourself permission to change your RSVP to no. Whatever it is, practice the art of setting boundaries and saying no when you want to. After you practice saying ‘no’ a few times, you’ll have more room for #4. 

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, and whoever you spend it with, we hope you find some time to show yourself some love and practice a little self-care. You will be better for it, and you’ll feel better too!

For some of us, especially parents out there, finding the time to practice self-care is so difficult that we need a little extra help. If you feel like you don’t know where to start when it comes to taking care of yourself, reach out to us. We’re here to help!