Helping professionals: Gain a beautiful new website and the skills to manage it all yourself, no added reoccurring expenses to a developer.

Courtney knows and understands how important an engaging and professional website is for a business. She also learned from experience that helping professionals don't necessarily need an extra expense, nor do they have time to learn to do everything themselves. Since 2014, Courtney has developed and maintained several websites via the Squarespace platform, including this site, her previous site, and two websites for counseling centers (Baltimore Washington Counseling Center and Southwestern Florida Counseling Center). Courtney has worked with employees of these centers to help them learn the platform and how to update content as needed including adding events, updating employee information and adding blog entries. 

Courtney is able to work with you to help develop a website that meets the needs of your business goals as a helping professional. If desired, Courtney is able to maintain your website for you, or (to save you money in the long run) teach you how to use the platform to easily add content and keep your website up to date. If you are a helping professional interested in working with Courtney to develop your website, please inquire via our online form. She would be happy to answer any questions and work with you on a plan and pricing to fit your needs.