Private Yoga with BJ Hart

Why try to fit your needs into those of others in a weekly group class when you can have personalized instruction tailored for you? Private yoga sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn in an individualized setting at a time that is convenient for your schedule. BJ has completed over 400 hours of training in yoga including specialized training in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga practices. With experience teaching yogis of all levels, BJ can work with you to create a unique path to meet your yoga goals.


Private yoga sessions allow for a chance to focus on the goals that are important to you and receive instruction that is personalized to your experience level, health and body type. In a private yoga session, you can work at your own pace and feel confident that you are getting instruction specifically for your own body and practice.

Here are some reasons that clients have previously booked private yoga sessions with BJ:

  • Beginning a yoga practice — wanting to learn foundational postures

  • Questions about specific posture: alignment, drills to practice, etc.

  • Wanting to create a more mindful or meditative yoga practice

  • Desire to create personalized yoga routine for home practice

  • Returning back to yoga after injury and wanting individualized attention


What can i expect?

Before your private yoga session, BJ will reach out to you directly to speak with you about your goals and help you determine what private yoga session package would be best to help you reach your goals. During this time, he will answer any questions you have about what to bring or what to expect for your first meeting. At your first yoga session, you will get set up, review your plan and begin working on your goals. The session will move at a pace that works for you, giving you time to ask any questions you have and review any instructions to make sure you feel comfortable throughout.


Private yoga sessions can come in a variety of formats: one-on-one, semi private (up to 3 people) or group (4-10 people). You may choose to work individually to focus on a specific goal, or you may ask two friends with similar interests to join to lower the cost and create connection while still receiving personalized attention and focus on specific goals.



When you invest in private yoga instruction, the cost varies depending on location, frequency of sessions and how many people attend. When you connect directly with BJ, he can help you choose a private yoga session package that works for you.